The Malaspina Foundation, housed in the historic Palazzo Malaspina in Ascoli Piceno, is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting contemporary photography.

Its mission is threefold: to become an experimental platform for photographic research; to contribute to developing the identity of the Ascoli Piceno and Marche area by inviting renowned or up-and-coming young photographers to work locally; and to promote the city and the region, creating new opportunities for dialogue with Italian and international cultural institutions.

The Foundation’s primary goals are to produce and curate photographic research projects, focusing on the depiction of the local area in particular; to organize study encounters, seminars and conventions, with institutions, universities and schools of all levels; and to publish and archive books of photographic studies and research.

The Foundation started its cultural and exhibition activity in 2016 becoming a point of reference for research and dialogue on photography and on the fundamental role that images play in contemporary society. However, following the earthquake in central Italy, the exhibition space at Palazzo Malaspina was closed forcing the Foundation to a new phase outside its walls. Numerous collaborations have been launched since 2017 that have allowed the Malaspina Foundation to continue its cultural activities in partnership with museums, foundations and other national and international institutions.