The Foundation’s library of contemporary photography, constituted by an initial acquisition of 150 titles selected from the publications of the most interesting independent Italian publishers, is expanding over the years with further acquisitions in Italy and abroad.

On the occasion of the exhibition on the photographic book for children, the Foundation has acquired 100 books for small toddlers, children and teenagers from innovative and experimental international publishers.

Every year, the library will collect new books, selected according to a certain theme each time. Before entering the library, the new books will be on display in the exhibition space.

Each book will be documented and featured in the archive on the Foundation’s website, where it will be possible to consult all the titles online, accompanied by images, descriptions and links to the various authors and publishers.

The collection will feature monographs of modern and contemporary artists, essays on the history and theory of contemporary photography, and all the Foundation’s publications.

It will be possible to consult the books only by appointment.