The Foundation’s library of contemporary photography, established in 2016 with a first acquisition of titles selected from the publications of the most interesting Italian independent publishers, has been enriched over the years by further acquisitions in Italy and abroad. Monographs by contemporary authors, essays on the theory and history of photography and all the publications published by the Foundation are part of the heritage.

Each acquisition of books, selected from time to time following a different curatorial idea, constitutes a new chapter of an education project for reading images that the Foundation carries out in collaboration with schools, libraries, cultural associations, foundations and museums of contemporary art. . The collection, initially conceived to be kept in a permanent space, has gradually been transformed into a traveling library which has led to the creation of a series of bibliographic exhibitions and workshops in which meetings with artists and curators, training courses and visits for children have converged.

This journey through photographic publishing responds to the increasingly urgent need to investigate the meaning of images in the complex horizon of contemporary visual culture. The result is a shared, itinerant and growing platform for gaze education. A bibliographic heritage that aims to equip the public, from the age of infancy, with a visual awareness to interpret the deluge of images that surrounds us with a critical sense.

The consultation of the volumes is possible only by appointment.