The shape of time at the Pescheria Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro


Saturday, March 2, 2019 Fondazione Pescheria presents The Shape of Time, the second exhibition on contemporary photography curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva at the Pescheria Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro.

The sense of time is the subject of the dialogue in images between Fabio Barile and Domingo Milella. Both use photography to portray time. The measures are different: historical time is very short compared to geological time, but both the artists transpose, reduce and compose images that describe the shape of time.

The work of Domingo Milella, Indexing 2001/2016, features the main destinations of fifteen years of research during which the author has collected images and signs of people and cultures vanished, ancient enough to be forgotten or even not deciphered. Milella’s journey began in the outskirts of Bari, the city where he grew up, and continued traveling from East to West, marking a map in which the man, often physically absent, still leaves traces of his presence.

The work of Fabio Barile, An Investigation of the laws observable in the composition, dissolution and restoration of land, is the analysis of the complex and intricate elements that characterize the landscape we live in, through geological evidence, experimentation with photographic materials and simulations of geological phenomena. His intent is to establish a dialogue with the deep history of our planet that, eroded, compressed and shaped, over billions of years of transformations, has generated the illusory stability of the landscape we are used to today.

The spirit of time-traveler is the imprint of the research of the two authors. The juxtaposition of their photographs let us into a backward journey, a descent into the unknown, into the human’s heart, from present to deep time.

In a letter addressed to an American colleague, Charles Darwin declared that thinking of the evolution of the eye made him shiver. The author of the Origin of Species used this rhetorical tool to introduce readers to the concept of evolution, a natural process that surpasses our imagination by its breadth, ubiquity and (in most cases) extreme slowness. No one observing a landscape in the countryside can get an idea of ​​the evolution in progress, just like no one, looking at the sky full of stars, can get an idea of ​​the size of the entire galaxy. It is therefore right to expect some shiver.

On the occasion of the exhibition The Shape of Time, the Fondazione Pescheria Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro renews its collaboration with the Fondazione Malaspina in Ascoli Piceno with the aim of carrying out joint initiatives and promoting the dissemination of its activities and productions in cultural institutions in Italy and abroad.

The first result of this collaboration will be a publication that will collect a selection of the works exhibited in Pescheria Centro Arti Visive together with a conversation between curator and artists.


Fabio Barile and Domingo Milella: The Shape of Time
A dialogue through images
Curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva
Pescheria Centro Arti Visive
Corso XI settembre 184, Pesaro
Saturday 2 March 2019 – Sunday 9 June 2019
Inauguration Saturday 2 March 2019 at 6.30 pm