Qualsiasità at the Pescheria Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro


Saturday December 9, 2017 at the Centro Arti Visive Pescheria in Pesaro opens Qualsiasità, curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva and first exhibition of the Malaspina Foundation, a new experimental platform for research on contemporary photography.

The Malaspina Foundation has chosen to inaugurate its cultural activities with an exhibition project dedicated to the photographic research of Guido Guidi and to a new generation of artists witnesses of his particular attitude to the exploration of the landscape.

Qualsiasità [translator’s note: term used by Cesare Zavattini to indicate the ordinary or mundane aspects of everyday life], compares various surveys undertaken in the territory of Romagna since 1984, through the eyes of seven photographers – Cesare Ballardini, Cesare Fabbri, Jonathan Frantini, Marcello Galvani, Guido Guidi, Francesco Neri and Luca Nostri – who, with more than eighty photographs, recount the Italian province between Cesena and Ravenna passing by Faenza, Fusignano, Lugo e Massa Lombarda.

The title of the exhibition is loosely based on a quote by Cesare Zavattini, multifaceted figure and voice of Italian Neorealism. The “qualsiasità” of the eye – says the exhibition’s curator Alessandro Dandini de Sylva – is translated into a photograph of the day-to-day, attentive to the minor aspects of the area and devoted to the landscape of the immediate vicinity, taken as the prime observation point. The documentary style of the photographs on display allows them to offer an accurate and anti-rhetorical description of places considered marginal by the official iconography. It is an Italian geography that, just a few years later, is already of inestimable historical value due to the rapidly changing landscape.

Promoted by the Fondazione Pescheria – Centro Arti Visive, Qualsiasità is a production of the Malaspina Foundation in Ascoli Piceno, which is now restoring its venue (an historic palace of the sixteenth century) damaged by the earthquake last year. The exhibition returns to Italy after its first international stage at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, where it was selected in the official program of Photo London . The appointment of Pesaro offers an expanded version of the exhibition that is enriched for the occasion with unpublished photographs of the eighties by Guido Guidi.


Centro Arti Visive Pescheria
Corso XI settembre 184, Pesaro
December 9, 2017 – March 4, 2018

Fondazione Pescheria