Max Renkel


On Thursday 7 February 2019 Fondazione Pastificio Cerere hosts a workshop with Max Renkel, German artist and collector who has been living in Rome for many years. Besides his pictorial activity, Renkel possesses and collects photographs, artist’s books and ephemera linked to various subjects and subjects.

The laboratory, entitled “I want to make a book?” and dedicated to the students of the Caravaggio High School, it is inspired by the forthcoming publication 11 exercises, a book of spiritual exercises for children, to retain things and build, raise, memories, with drawings and photographs by Max Renkel and a text by Giuseppe Garrera. The book will be part of the series Artist’s books for children, curated by Giuseppe Garrera and edited by Quodlibet, a collection of books for children conceived as visual presence, of iconic splendor, with images and brave texts dedicated to childhood shadows and realms.

Walking through the books on display, capturing photographic details with their mobile phones and with the help of a Xerox printer, participants will be involved in the creation of an artist’s book. With wire, paper, cutter and glue, each participant will mount his own personal review of objects found and mixed with elements of the landscape, collected walking through the neighborhood, leafing through a book or browsing in the backpack of the classmate.

The workshop is made with the support of the Goethe-Institut and is curated by Cartastraccia.


“I want to make a book?”
A workshop with Max Renkel
Thursday 7 February 2019
Fondazione Pastificio Cerere